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Chief Hybrid Vehicle Engineer ZERO SOUTH Expedition Team



Position: Chief Vehicle Engineer, ZERO SOUTH Expedition Team

Department: Vehicle Integration Team; Antarctica Expedition Team

Location: 651 Clover Street, Los Angeles, California 90031

Reports to: Executive Director; Expedition Leader

Duration: Starts immediately and runs until 3/31/2017

Hours: 40+ hrs a week (typically Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm)

Position type: Volunteer position

Remuneration and Benefits: Provides expedition to Antarctica's South Pole, character in television series

Relocation Benefits: None

NOTE: Prior to applying, interested candidates should download and skim the ZERO SOUTH Presentation (16mb PDF) (pages 41 - 77) to familiarize themselves with the details, logistics and schedule of the expedition.

Seeking Candidates who possess electric vehicle build skills or a strong understanding of electric vehicles, hybrid experience, general automotive mechanical and fabrication skills, strong drive and determination, highly-effective troubleshooting skills, ability to solve problems fast and get on to the next ones, resilience when setbacks occur, ability to take full responsibility for the ZERO SOUTH Hybrid Polar Traverse Vehicles.

Job summary Assist with conversion of two Hummer H1 vehicles to series hybrid electric with Biodiesel generator, dual electric traction motors, dual lithium ion battery packs and tracks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a non-profit film production. Numerous benefits are provided (see above). The work we do is for an environmental production that has been created to inspire wide public adoption of clean-energy vehicles and to promote understanding of Antarctica and Polar Regions. You will work among a team of 20 vehicle mechanics and engineers. Please review this solicitation thoroughly. The commitment is 14 months, working Monday through Friday (typically 10am to 7pm). Please consider strongly whether you have the time before responding. All responses must include resume or C.V.

We are an equal opportunity organization that accepts individuals based on job-related qualifications regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disabilities, or any basis prohibited by law.

Summary of essential job functions Responsible for servicing and maintaining two ZERO SOUTH Hybrid Polar Traverse Vehicles (PTVs) including all electric systems and components. All major electrical components for Vehicle 1 have been integrated. Remaining work includes installation of parts such as pumps, heaters, and fans, and design and installation of vehicle controller and power management system. Candidate will assist to bring all systems to 100% operation and test for durability. Will work under supervision of experienced, part-time EV engineers.

Minimum requirements 4 or more years experience working as a general vehicle mechanic. Experience working with electric vehicle projects. Strong understanding of 12 and 24-volt vehicle electrical systems. EE degree preferred but not required.

Abilities Required Experienced mechanic possessing substantial background in electronics or electric vehicles. You are serious, a self starter, consistent and committed. You are organized and the type of person who shows up on time and works your hours. You are able to lead a team, create and maintain schedules, task lists and delegate and follow up on tasks to ensure they are done correctly. You are goal oriented, like to complete tasks on time and are able to maintain a focused and fun work environment. You work with minimal supervision, are a creative thinker and problem solver, can read schematic diagrams, can install vehicle electrical wiring, mechanical assemblies and electronics, can troubleshoot and remediate problems swiftly and logically. You are good working with your hands and tools and can perform some small electro-mechanical fabrication.

Benefits Career claim: Includes all-expenses-paid travel to Antarctica's South Pole as a member of the ZERO SOUTH Expedition Team. You helped build the first hybrid vehicles to travel to the South Pole. Gain electric vehicle experience. Appear as a character in 'ZERO SOUTH'--an 8-episode televised 'relevant adventure' series. Your name listed in film credits among production (vehicle) staff. Letter of recommendation from non-profit executive director. Work with an all-star cast of mechanics and engineers. Perform meaningful work for a film production that: Promotes understanding of Polar Regions. Helps usher an age of zero and low-emission vehicles. Takes new technology into extreme environments. Mythbusts consumer acceptance barriers for electric vehicle adoption, such as range anxiety, plug-in behaviors, batteries and cold and electric vehicles are small and unsafe.

Interested candidates should respond with resume or C.V. APPLY NOW - CLICK HERE

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